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My name is Adam, a student in Computer Science at University of Waterloo and this is my personal blog where I will post my projects, comments about tech, math, random tidbits that might be. I’m passionate about programming, and I’m currently exploring how this can fulfil my other passions: people, communities, travel, language, and communication.

Hobbies / Interests

I enjoy; attending social events with friends, reading philosophy, travelling to different parts of the world, watching movies (my favourite is Fight Club), solving puzzles (rubik's cubes, logic puzzles, programming problems), cooking and eating food, photography, and weightlifting. View some of the photos I've taken!

Contact Information

Adam Kenneweg
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Barrie, Ontario, Canada



University of Waterloo

Honours Bachelor of Computer Science September 2014 » April 2019

I study Computer Science at the University of Waterloo; I am currently in my 2B term.



Backend Engineer|Velocity Foundry, Waterloo, Ontario|January 2016 » April 2016

My second co-op work term. These guys are a really cool startup focused on applying machine learning to cars, to predict vehicle failures. I lead a team to build a backend for our mobile apps using Parse and Backbone.js, and was responsible for maintenance and bug fixes . I later migrated the backend off Parse, to a REST API built with Node.js & Express.js, using PostgreSQL, hosted on AWS. I also implemented a full test suite using Jenkins & Jira. I created a system for real time processing of car data, as people drive, so that machine learning algorithms can be applied.


Full-stack developer||February 2016 » April 2016

Me and a friend cofounded the company and I did all the technical work. This included designing and developing the website, and creating a backend using Node.js and MongoDB. I later passed it off to the business cofounder so I could focus on other things. He works on it independently now. He recently received 25k of funding from a local angel investor.

Martello Technologies

Java Developer|Ottawa, Ontario|May 2015 » August 2015

I got an outstanding employer evaluation for the work I did here. I worked as the head of a project, using the Agile methodology, to build a system that ended up generating a large amount of revenue for the company. I developed a highly dynamic and modular data warehousing system that collects from hundreds of instances using many data retrieval methods including REST calls, FTP servers, web scraping, and SQL queries. I implemented the system in Java, with the Spring Framework to extract, transform, and load data into a PostgreSQL database.


Backend: Python, Ruby, Bash | Java, C, C++
Frontend: JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, Bootstrap
Frameworks: Spring Framework, Hibernate | AngularJS, Backbonejs | Rails, Django
Database: PostgreSQL Liquibase, JDBC | Parse, Firebase
Other: Git, Android, Heroku, Maven
Testing: Mockito, JUnit, Jira

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